Ruby Sunset. Coloured Poplar

Ruby Sunset. Coloured Poplar Ruby Sunset. Coloured Poplar Phil Irons

This heavily figured piece of Poplar has been stained to enhance the quilted figure and finished within with multiple coats of lacquer. It has an English Boxwood threaded lid.
Each piece is handturned by me from green wood. They are twice turned, the first time they are roughed out and left to dry for up to 6 months. Once the piece is dry they are taken back to the lathe, the shape is refined then multuiple coats of stain are applied to enhance the hidden figure. Up to 6 coats of lacquer are applied to give a long lasting durable finish. The lids are individually made and have a handcut 12tpi thread ensuring a secure closure.

Additional Info

  • Material: Quilted Poplar. Stained
  • Size: 305mm H x 160mm D
  • Price: £665
  • Capacity: 3.1ltrs

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