John Jordan 3/4" Hollowing Tools. Full Set

I first used John’s tools at the 2005 AAW Symposium in Kansas, he loaned me a set to do my hollow form demos. At the end of the symposium he said “keep them”
They instantly became my ‘go to’ tools for any small opening and cross grain forms and I use them for truing up the inside of all my roughed out vessels.

The Armbrace is the most comfortable I have used, in fact it cured my tennis elbow which I suffered badly from when I was using straight handles. I find them very relaxing to use, my hand and forearm lie on top of the handle with my forefinger pointing along the tool whereas I am making a fist and subconsciously tense up when I grip the traditional "pistol grip" style armbrace handles. 

 Here is a quote from John Jordan: "These are the same tools I have used for over 35 years, and are made here in Tennessee by me. The hollow turning tools are simple, easy to use tools that work for the novice turner, as well as the experienced turner. "

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Ash Cap Bowl

The term Ash Cap refers to the result of where the tree has repaired itself. A branch either fell off or was cut off early in it's life and as the tree grows it covers the wound resulting in a bulge on the trunk.

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Caddy Spoons

I have made many hundreds of these caddy spoons over the years, mostly from fruit woods like Cherry and Pear.

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About Phil Irons

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best known for his coloured vessels and hollow forms.

He is a member of the AAW and the AWGB and a Registered Professional Turner.