Ash Cap Bowl

Ash Cap Bowl Ash Cap Bowl Phil Irons

The term Ash Cap refers to the result of where the tree has repaired itself. A branch either fell off or was cut off early in it's life and as the tree grows it covers the wound resulting in a bulge on the trunk.
This is seen as a defect by other woodworkers but from a woodturners perspect they are the more interesting than the straight grain as they produce unusual grain patterns.
This bowl is the product of one of these occurrences.
The carved pattern has been covered with variegated metal leaf and sealed with clear lacquer so that it doesn't tarnish. It has been elevated on three Ebony legs giving the impression of floating or hovering above the surface.
It measures 58cm x 53cm and stands 10cm high.

Additional Info

  • Material: English Ash, Ebony, Variegated Metal Leaf
  • Size: 100mm H x 580mm L x 530mm W
  • Price: £435.00
  • Capacity: -