Paua Panel

Paua Panel

mm H x mm D

This piece was inspired by a trip to New Zealand where I had been invited to participate in a Woodturning symposium. It it a very popular decorative material there and I brought some back with me.

The vessel is made from Oak which has been fumed with ammonia giving the surface it's green/grey colour. The fuming is a chemical reaction with the natural tannins in the wood but it only affects the surface so i can carve through it revealing the natural colour of the wood. The pieces of Paua shell have been recessed into carved panels front and back and a micro thin disc of Paua is in the top of the finial of the threaded Boxwood lid.

it has a volume of 750ml.

About Phil Irons

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best known for his coloured vessels and hollow forms.

He is a member of the AAW and the AWGB and a Registered Professional Turner.