Square One Series #2 Eucalyptus

Figured Eucalyptus Vessel Figured Eucalyptus Vessel Phil Irons

About five years ago Warwickshire had a cold snap, the temperature dropped to -22c for three days which killed all the eucalyptus trees in the area. It's not a wood that I would normally use because it is difficult to season due to its high moisture content and very rapid growth rate and massive shrinkage when it is cut green. This piece of wood came from a tree on our garden which we had left standing in the hope that it would sprout again the following year. Of course it didn’t, but as a consequence of leaving it standing the moisture drained slowly over the next 18 months before it was felled so it was fairly dry by the time dug it out of the firewood pile and turned this piece.
The threaded lid is a piece of Pink Ivory I got on a trip to South Africa in 1995 and the thread ring is a piece of Olivewood I bought from a old woodturner in Corfu old town in 1993.
Size: L 210mm x W 170mm x H 95mm

Capacity: 40cl

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