European Ash

The technique for enhancing the grain in Ash is known as Lime Waxing. Ash is a ring porous wood, this means that the spring growth rings have large earlywood pores 2-4 rows wide, whereas the latewood or winter growth rings are smaller and more scattered.

This piece has had two different coloured stains applied during the sanding, dark blue and red. At the end of sanding a very fire bronze or brass wire brush is used to accentuate the large pores in which the white wax will lie.

The lid has been decorated with the same technique, it has a handcut 12tpi thread ensuring a secure closure. A drop of wood glue on the threads will seal the urn permanantly if necessary.

It needs no maintainence other than dusting.

Additional Info

  • Material: European Ash. Stained and lime waxed.
  • Size: 295mm H X 150mm D
  • Price: £565.00
  • Capacity: 3.3 ltrs

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