Robust lathes and accessories

Robust lathes and accessories

All Robust lathes and accessories are made in Robust’s own machine and fabrication shop in Barneveld, Wisconsin. The items they don’t make are made to their specification by nearby manufacturers. For instance, all of the castings come from Austin Foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, started just after WW II. Many of the CNC machined parts come from Production Machine & Enterprises in Madison, Wisconsin. Laser cut parts come from Laser Dynamics in Allendale Michigan.

Robust Tools proudly certify that all their products have a US content of over 85%.
Robust was founded January 1, 2004 by Brent and Deb English and is a limited liability corporation.

Kurt Hertzog wrote a great introductory story about Robust for Woodturning Design Magazine. Read about it here

The only lathes to feature a full 7 Year warranty.

Robust Low Profile Toolrests

Robust Low Profile Toolrests

Brand: Robust

Low Profile Rests are for spindle turners that like to wrap their hand around the tool rest. They are also your choice for smaller lathes.
Like the Comfort rests, you can also drop the handle of your tools at a greater than 45 degree angle.
4", 6", 9" and 12" widths are available in sizes to fit most 12"-25" lathes.
Low Profile Rests come with a 1" diameter tool post. 1-1/8", 1-1/4" and 30mm diameter posts are available on special order.
Mini Rests are Low Profile Rests fitted with a 5/8" post, they will fit most mini lathes sold today.

3/4" posts are availalble as a special order.

About Phil Irons

Born in Australia, Phil is an Award winning woodturner best known for his coloured vessels and hollow forms.

He is a member of the AAW and the AWGB and a Registered Professional Turner.