English Elm & Copper

The tree that this piece came from grew on a farm in small village on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border, it had survived the dreaded Dutch Elm disease that decimated the Elms in the 70's in most of the country. Sadly it had started to die and the owners decided rather than cut it down totally they would get it heavily pruned  in an effort to save it for as long as possible. For approximately 300 years it had stood next to a public footpath/cycle way, the trunk had grown to a girth of 7' or 2.3m and had a height of 75' or 25m. The main trunk which was covered in green shoots when I saw it this summer has been left at 25-30' or 8-10m. I was luck enough to be offered all the branch wood, the largest of which was 3' or 1m in diameter and the majority of it was burred to a lesser or greater extent, I spent three days harvesting and converting it into blanks which then have to be rough turned and left to dry for about three months before they can't be re-turned and finished.

Sometimes splits and voids appear while the pieces dry, I have used powdered copper in two part epoxy to both fill and make a feature of them.

Additional Info

  • Material: English Elm with a Boxwood Lid and Copper Epoxy
  • Size: 270mm H x 155mm D
  • Price: £375.00
  • Capacity: 2.6ltrs

Product Video

Huntingdon Elm phil irons