The Liberty Lathe

The Robust Libert has a 16" Diameter inboard turning capacity and is available as a bench lathe or with a stand.  It has a single pulley design for a speed range of 60 - 2900 RPM.  If you are ready to step up to the lathe of your dreams, check out the Robust Liberty.
Here are some great features of the Robust Liberty Lathe:
    •    Sliding Headstock for exceptional access when turning inside a vessel.To move the headstock, lift the large lever, slide the headstock to its new position, and push down on the lever to lock it in place.
    •    The headstock is relieved in front, allowing great access to the back of the work, something you won't find on most popular imported lathes.
    •    1.5 HP leeson motor Standard. 2HP motor available as an option
    •    Variable speed, forward and reverse are standard.The Liberty adjusts to fit you.
    •    Available as a bench model or with optional stand.
    •    The corded pendent controller is fitted with two rare earth magnets and can be moved anywhere along the lathe bed, on the leg assembly, tailstock or on the headstock.
    •    Locking the spindle disconnects the controls, so no more burnt belts if you try to start the lathe with the spindle lock engaged.
    •    Excellent low end torque is ensured the use of a vector style motor drive with auto tune.
    •    48 position indexing is standard and accessed from inside the headstock.
    •    The Liberty spindle is precision ground and is made from pre-hardened aircraft grade Chrome-Moly Steel. It is threaded 1 1/4 x 8, with a metric version optional
    •    The headstock, tailstock, banjo and Tilt-Away are cast iron made from our patterns at Austin Foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
    •    Optional Tilt-Away for the tailstock easily moves it out of the way without any heavy lifting